Who We Are

The Colorado Search and Rescue Board (CSRB) is a Colorado nonprofit Corporation, whose objectives are:

The CSRB meet’s these objectives, by providing a point of contact for search and rescue matters on a state level. The Board of Directors and Committee members work closely with the Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (DHSEM), and fulfills several of DHSEM’s statutory responsibilities regarding search and rescue. The CSRB maintains a roster of SAR resources throughout Colorado, and provides a Colorado SAR Coordinator, who is available 24/7 to assist local authorities in locating, and using additional or specialized resources.

The CSRB Board meets on a regular basis. The CSRB addresses issues of interest to the Colorado SAR Community. Issues such as the Colorado Search and Rescue Fund, have been addressed by the Board, and in cooperation with other groups such as the Colorado County Sheriffs, the CSRB has worked to make changes to improve the fund, and ensure that the individual SAR teams, and units throughout the State have input into the process.

In working towards ensuring that Colorado has the highest quality search and rescue teams, the CSRB spends considerable time and effort to provide training and educational opportunities to the SAR teams throughout Colorado. The board has subsidized several members to obtain specialized training and bring that information back to the local teams.

In addition, the CSRB Board of Directors and members have been able to acquire the materials and instructor status to allow CSRB to provide the national “Managing the Inland Search Function” (MISF) program to be presented at low cost throughout Colorado. The CSRB presents these courses on a regular basis; any of these programs can be requested by any team or Sheriff in Colorado.

CSRB presents several training events throughout the year that also now include the new “Colorado SARCon” that is held in the fall each year in Summit County and is hosted by Flight for Life and CSRB.

CSRB also supports teams in their local public preventive search and rescue programs. The Board developed the Avalanche/Back Country Safety program, which provides materials local teams use to educate the public.

CSRB provides a 24 hour Colorado SAR Coordinator to assist County Sheriff's during Search and Rescue operations. The Coordinator can assist in locating additional or specialized resources. The Coordinators can assist in requesting Federal resources and are familiar with operating through the Federal/Military process. The Coordinators have a wealth of experience, and are a great source of information during missions to consult for ideas or suggestions. There is always a Coordinator available by calling 800-593-2772. The answering service will contact the on-duty State SAR Coordinator and he or she will return your call within 15 minutes.

The overall goal of CSRB is to provide the best Search and Rescue available throughout the State of Colorado. The focus of our efforts is to do everything possible for the victims of SAR incidents. The victim is our highest priority.