J. Hunter Holloway Spirit Award

Adopted by the Colorado Search and Rescue Board October, 1992.

J. Hunter Holloway


J. Hunter Holloway had an enormous influence upon search and rescue in Colorado. Through his years of work in public safety education, training of SAR team members, promotion of Colorado's SAR team efforts to the public, field responses and mission management, SAR team as well as CSRB leadership, and representation of our SAR community on the Division of Wildlife's SAR Advisory Board, Hunter worked tirelessly to advance the skills and professionalism of Colorado's SAR responders and SAR system. His ultimate goal was to ensure the public could travel the backcountry of our state, having in place one of the nation's foremost SAR communities to provide aid when needed. His spirit is remembered through the presentation of this award to those who best exemplify his dedication to SAR in Colorado.


Any individuals, whether or not directly affiliated with a SAR team, are eligible for this award by having demonstrated their dedication to the Colorado SAR community, or to subject(s) of a SAR mission through any of the following criteria:


At the December meeting of the CSRB board of directors, the president shall appoint an award committee of three CSRB members for evaluation of nominations received. Nominations will be accepted from any member of CSRB or CSRB organization, or any Colorado county sheriff. Nominations will be due to the committee by April 1st. The award committee will present its recommendation(s) to the board of directors, for their vote. The board of directors will select the recipient(s) by a simple majority vote. Note that there may be years in which no award is given. No director may vote upon the nomination of him/herself. The award will be presented at the Annual CSRB SAR Academy in May, or, lacking a May SAR Academy, at the May general meeting of the CSRB.

Nominations must include, at the minimum:

The greater the detail of the above information, the easier it will be to evaluate the appropriateness of making such an award.

Mail Nominations to:

J. Hunter Holloway Spirit Award
Colorado Search and Rescue Board
PO Box 631452
Highlands Ranch CO 80163



Holloway Award Recipients

1993 Timothy Cochrane Vail Mountain Rescue Group
1993 Dixie Ferrick United SAR/Civil Air Patrol
1994 Sheriff Phil Leggett Mineral County Sheriff's Office
1995 Stan Bush Arapahoe Rescue Patrol
1996 Charlie Shimanski Alpine Rescue Team
1996 Ron Bookman Alpine Rescue Team
1997 Earl Berger and Betty Berger Colorado Wing, Civil Air Patrol
1997 Joanne Stone Gunnison County Sheriff's Office
1998 Howard Paul Alpine Rescue Team
1999 Drew Davis Larimer County Search and Rescue
2000 Tom Frazer El Paso County Search and Rescue
2001 No recipients  
2002 No recipients  
2003 No recipients  
2004 Bruce Fosdick Douglas County SAR
2004 Barry Mitchell Douglas County SAR
2005 David Thorsen  
2006 Dennis McLaughlin SARDOC & El Paso County Search and Rescue
2007 No recipients  
2008 No recipients  
2009 No recipients  
2010 No recipients  
2011 No recipients